Silkie Chickens- Not Your Typical Backyard Chicken

Silkie chickens are not your typical breed of chicken. Silkies have beautiful hair-like plumage and sometimes resemble a fuzzy kitten more than a chicken.

Originating in the Far East, the Silkie chicken was wriiten about by Marco Polo in one of his journals in the 13th century. In addition to their unusual appearance, these birds have 5 toes instead of 4 like most chickens.

Silkies are known for their even disposition and are one of the most docile breeds of chickens. Silkie hens are broody and make good mothers. They are also often used to hatch eggs from other chickens.

Silkie chickens also have black skin and bones. Old Chinese beliefs were that the ground up bones had special healing powers.

Silkies are also used as show birds. The American Poultry Association recognizes the following colors; white, partridge, gray, splash, black, blue, and buff.

Silkies are not good flyers, but they handle confinement well. They also are not fond of high roosting places. Most seem to prefer roosting on or close to the ground rather than a tree or roost pole.

While not the best choice for a meat producer or even eggs, a Silkie chicken just may be the perfect choice for someone new to raising chickens. These unusual birds may just make you a backyard chicken farmer for life.

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