History Of Leghorn Chickens

The Leghorn breed of chickens are widely known for their excellent egg production.
The breed is named after the Ligurian Sea, over whose waters many of the birds were shipped. The word Ligurian was mispronounced by people not familiar with the term, and eventually the birds were called Leghorns.

They first appeared in the United States around 1835. Later some were exported to England.Their superior egg laying abilities helped them become the most utilized breed of chicken in the world.

A smallish breed, adult Leghorn roosters can sometimes grow as large as six pounds. Hens will usually average around 4 1/2 pounds. Hens are unique in the fact that their comb flopsto one side of their head. The comb can be either of the single or rose variety.

They are vocal and active birds. They are also excellent foragers. Leghorns are proficient in converting feed to energy and are capable of being virtually self sufficient. The birds are good flyers, and free ranging Leghorns will roost in trees.

Leghorns come in several varieties which are:

Single comb dark brown

Single comb light brown

Rose comb dark brown

Rose comb light brown

Single comb white

Rose comb white

Single comb buff

Rose comb buff

Single comb black

Single comb silver

Single comb red

Single comb black tailed red

Single comb Columbian

Of these varieties the white Leghorn is by far the most popular and best known. These birds have been used extensively in research facilities for embryonic and Avian biological studies. They are
the most used breed in the United States for commercial egg production.

If you are interested in raising or breeding chickens for egg production or just as a hobby, these birds will be an excellent choice. All around they are one of the best breed choices available for small scale hobby or egg operations.

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