Fresh Eggs And Fried Chicken

Getting back to Nature is one of the healthiest lifestyle choices we can make as far as food is concerned. The foods we eat are mostly frozen,  or processed or from the nearest drive-through.  Not the best choice for our family’s health. We all know about the seemingly constant outbreaks of Salmonella poisoning that make the nightly news far too often.

We do have a choice when it comes to the foods we eat, and more people everyday are choosing to grow and raise as much of our own foods as we can.

Natural foods are better for us, but in the world we live in today, sometimes we are so pressed for time the fast food joints are winning the battle over more healthy food choices. The meats we buy at the grocery store are laced with steroids and it’s getting harder everyday to buy a dozen eggs that are safe to eat.

Many years ago our grandparents had little choice but to have gardens and laying hens to supply their families with healthy vegetables and fresh eggs. There wasn’t a McDonalds or Pizza Hut on every corner.  But times have changed. Now it seems few of us have the time or inclination to feed our families with home grown meats and vegetables.

But that may be changing. In recent times a larger number of people have begun to turn back the clock to safer and simpler times. Backyard flocks of chickens are turning up in places where only a few years ago such a thing was unheard of.

More people are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers associated with the foods we eat. The recent outbreaks of Salmonella in processed eggs made the national news everyday. It’s a simple fact that we cannot be totally assured that all of our food is safe.

Getting back to Nature and growing part of our daily food supply is an excellent way to insure our families food is not contaminated or full of steroids and antibiotics. Commercial chicken, beef and pork producers over the years have steadily increased the amount of steroids and other unnatural ingredients in our food.

While it’s certain most of us can’t raise our own beef and pork, many people can start a small backyard flock of chickens. Some cities and municipalities still don’t allow this, but a growing number of local government officials are becoming more receptive to the idea.

Raising chickens in your backyard doesn’t require a lot of space and is much easier than you may think. Chickens are a low maintenance bird and practically raise themselves. All they really need is food and shelter and the benefits of fresh eggs and delicious homegrown fried or grilled chicken far outweigh the negatives.

Anyone can raise chickens, it’s not hard at all. A small pen and a few nesting boxes for the eggs are all you need to get started. Plus it’s a great family activity and an excellent chance for kids to experience the wonderful world of Nature up close and personal.

They may never take the place of a family dog or cat, but chickens make great pets as well. Raising chickens is a rewarding and enjoyable hobby and a great way to have a small part of nature in your own backyard.

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